AnNiGi was founded in 2018 by Anna Gialeli, a contemporary woman, who is at the same time a spouse, a working mother and an entrepreneur in various sectors.

Through her demanding everyday life and as a woman who loves and respects herself, Anna Gialeli always wanted to be smartly dressed with elegant, yet functional clothes with a twist. This made the process of finding the right outfit quite difficult, so she decided to create her own ideal AnNiGi ready-to-wear collection.

Supporting Anna’s effort ever since day one is her friend, Niki Tsaliki, with whom she shared the same passion for clothes and aesthetics and is now the Creative Consultant of AnNiGi brand.

This is how AnNiGi brand was born, in effect being Anna Gialeli’s dream closet containing an updated wardrobe of timeless key-pieces. Characteristic of AnNiGi clothes is the elegance that gives away a hint of sensuality by emphasizing on the legs or the back.

AnNiGi clothes stand out for their exquisite fitting and perfect tailoring, made of fine fabrics that are imported mainly by Italy, France and Spain. Anna Gialeli has opted to keep the production of AnNiGi in limited pieces, so she can have total control over every little detail, thus having recruited an exclusive Greek team with experience in haute couture tailoring for which she claims “they are all perfectionists, like me”.